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Traceability is the key to achieve transformation of palm oil industry in the industry 4.0 era. In the palm oil supply chain, traceability is intrinsically related to sustainability. If a product can be tracked back to its source, it is means the mill or plantation has complied with principles of sustainability.

Due Diligence

Plantation Due Diligence determining whether company accounts are consistent, evaluating the real situation of assets, liabilities and tax risks.

Due diligence refers to within the context of mergers and acquisitions when after reaching an initial agreement of cooperation with the target. In addition to the signing of a letter of intent, generally both parties will also sign a confidentiality agreement.

We offer our expertise and experience in environmental engineering and consulting for major industries to provide site assessments and investigation as part of the support of merger and acquisition activities.

Our team will consist of geochemists, hydrogeologists, biologists, engineers and other specialists working together with auditors and environmental, safety and health professionals to perform the technical due diligence necessary to effectively manage risk during mergers, acquisitions and divestitures.

The Highest Standard Of Digitizing In Plantation Business

Electronic Plantation Control System (ePCS) is an operations management software implemented in palm oil plantations aimed at increasing the amount of data available plantations. Palm oil sustainability starts with managing existing plantations at peak efficiency.