Traceability To The Source

Traceability is the key to achieve transformation of palm oil industry in the industry 4.0 era. In the palm oil supply chain, traceability is intrinsically related to sustainability. If a product can be tracked back to its source, it is means the mill or plantation has complied with principles of sustainability.

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Aerial Mapping Drone

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Aerial mapping is the making of planimetric maps, contours and features extracted from aerotriangulated aerial imagery.

It is a general term meaning the collection of information conducted from an airborne platform. Information collected from remote-sensing cameras or multispectral cameras.

If required, any additional layers that may be available such as roads, infrastructure or river buffer zones can be overlaid on top of the thematic GIS maps. Satellite images can be added as background if desired. All GIS maps can be exported in image format or directly to Google Earth.

Advanced GIS users can of course combine the built-in GIS maps with the full spatial analysis features of the host program, for example to use map algebra, interpolate between data points to create continuous shading maps or to create 3D prism maps.