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Electronic Plantation Control System (ePCS) is an operations management software implemented in palm oil plantations aimed at increasing the amount of data available plantations. Palm oil sustainability starts with managing existing plantations at peak efficiency.

EPCS Plantations Software

ePCS In-field System

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Electronic Plantation Control System (ePCS) is Software as a service (SaaS) developed by eKomoditi. ePCS consists of various modules covering all businesses from industries that offer convenience and completion in complete operations. EPCS Software can be relied upon to improve profitability, improve performance, compatibility and competitive advantage of the company. Provision of plantation technology operations can encourage the plantation industry in Indonesia to be more advanced and transparent, growing and developing better.

ePCS Plantation Software was developed using a multilayer system web design architecture, so that it can be easily accessed via Smartphones, Tablets and Notebook Computers even within a limited bandwidth range.

This software is able to manage all devices in the fields related to the process of employee attendance, fertilization, maintenance, harvesting, including weighing yields, and then processing the data into tables, graphs or other report forms.