Traceability To The Source

Traceability is the key to achieve transformation of palm oil industry in the industry 4.0 era. In the palm oil supply chain, traceability is intrinsically related to sustainability. If a product can be tracked back to its source, it is means the mill or plantation has complied with principles of sustainability.

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Plantation Recovery

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Monitoring of the implementation of development projects. Evaluation of project implementation (physical and cost) of the project plan. Provide recommendations regarding the condition of the evaluation of development. Monitoring and evaluation should be made at the beginning of a plantation development process.

We provide project management combined with the excellence in technical expertise and vast experience of our consultants and our international partners. Aspects of project management we provide include:

  • A client-focused approach that enables effective communication and collaboration to support successful project delivery and set the stage for building trusting relationships with clients.
  • Building strong project teams who bring together the right people with the right range of skills, experience and interests needed to deliver the project.
  • Providing a consistent approach to project management that is grounded in industry best practice and incorporates recognised standards.
  • Empowering our Project Managers through training programmes, from foundational skills-building to advanced training and certification for more integrated and complex projects.
  • Providing a suite of project management tools to assist Project Managers to undertake their project management responsibilities with ease and efficiency.