Plantation Financial Study

Evaluating the real situation of assets, liabilities and tax risks of a plantation.

Establishing an oil palm plantation seems to be very profitable investment on the basis of the assumptions made.

Financial study investigates the financial and economic aspects of establishing an oil palm plantation. The financial case study is undertaken from the perspective of company itself.

Our Financial Study activity consists of :

  • Site assessments and subsurface investigations
  • Project risk and feasibility reviews
  • Vendor transaction pre-pack support work and data room creation
  • Purchase, financing, and leasing due diligence
  • Portfolio management and exit strategic planning
  • Sale lease/back reviews and asset rationalisation support
  • Distressed asset and insolvency due diligence evaluations
  • Building materials sampling
  • Liability, CapEx and cost scheduling reviews
  • IPO and public offering assessments, ARO and IAS/FASB reviews

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