Traceability To The Source

Traceability is the key to achieve transformation of palm oil industry in the industry 4.0 era. In the palm oil supply chain, traceability is intrinsically related to sustainability. If a product can be tracked back to its source, it is means the mill or plantation has complied with principles of sustainability.

EPCS Plantations Software

Plantation Consultancy

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We can assist plantations sector to meet regulatory requirements and in accordance with ISPO, MSPO and RSPO requirements.

  • Provide recommendations and evaluation regarding the real condition of plantations. 
  • Conducting Environment Impact Assessment (EIA/ANDAL) and Environment and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA/AMDAL) for new plantations.
  • Preparing the Environment Management Plan and conducting regular Environmental Compliance Audits.
  • We can also assist your firm in the preparation of Sustainability Reports in accordance with palm oil regulations or in accordance with any other international bodies regulating the palm oil sector.
  • We can develop sustainability guideline, strategy and policy for the oil palm sector to meet international certification standards and expectation.
  • We also have the expertise to undertake Environmental and Social Impact Assessment to meet International Finance Corporation requirements.