Sustainability Through Data

Most of today’s Indonesian and Malaysian palm oil estates use traditional methods of data collection. Reporting takes weeks or months to produce so decisions are reactive instead of proactive. eKomoditi has developed an easy to use Android application that plantations can use more efficiently.

EPCS Plantations Software

Monitoring Leftover Fruits

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There are losses of production due to oil palm field’s material handling. Activities that may raise the losses are harvesting and transportation, which may cause bruise and damage to fruit.

Leftover fruits happened on FFB within material handling, start from FFB falling when harvested, loading up to truck bin, and transporting from field to loading ramp. Unmonitored leftover fruits properly cause significant losses.

Using EPCS the leftover fruit can be monitored and counted so that it can be loaded up to truck bin and transporting from field to loading ramp immediately.