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Most of today’s Indonesian and Malaysian palm oil estates use traditional methods of data collection. Reporting takes weeks or months to produce so decisions are reactive instead of proactive. eKomoditi has developed an easy to use Android application that plantations can use more efficiently.

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Bunches Sorting

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Grading is an activity of sorting fresh fruit bunches as one of the CPO quality controls that will be produced both in terms of quantity and quality. Grading becomes one of the parts in the process of processing FFB into CPO where grading activities have several functions including:

  • To find out the quality of FFB coming into the mill and as a return report to the estate (garden) the quality of the FFB sent.
  • As one of the parameters that will affect the yield / OER (oil extraction yield) in the factory, and the quality of the oil that will be produced.
  • Reference for payment of FFB to third parties

Grading activities are carried out at the loading ramp station by sorting fresh fruit bunches in accordance with predetermined grading criteria and standards. As for the standard fruit grading carried out, among others: unripe fruit, unripe fruit, ripe fruit, over ripe fruit, long stalk, abnormal fruit (kartasi fruit) , less polluted fruit, sick fruit), empty bunch (empty bunch), garbage (dirt) and brondolan.