Palm oil is one of world’s most important commodities. With the population expected to grow rapidly, palm oil has received a lot of attention because of its significance because of the limited about of reliable information available about palm oil estates making investing difficult to enter.

PlantationDirectory’s goal is to make plantation investments in Indonesia and Malaysia professional, economical, and safe. Our team of plantation specialists include agronomists, former estate managers, and IT technology experts.

Every asset in the database has been validated by our team for accuracy and reliability. Investors can find palm oil investments that suit their specific portfolio.

Foreign companies can select to work with directories that follow multinational and sustainability requirements.

The Highest Standard Of Digitizing In Plantation Business

Electronic Plantation Control System (ePCS) is an operations management software implemented in palm oil plantations aimed at increasing the amount of data available plantations. Palm oil sustainability starts with managing existing plantations at peak efficiency.